Graduation Help

You Can Create Your Own Graduation Invitations

Graduating from school is exciting and many people wish to share this joyous experience with their friends and families by hosting graduation parties. Most people send out generic invitations that have no personal touches on them. One of the best ways to stand out is to make your own graduation invitations. Customer graduation invitations are eye catching and people find them interesting.

1) Create a general outline of what you want your invitations to look like. Be sure that all the necessary information that you need is present including date, time, address, contact information and rsvp dates. If you want to include a school logo or a senior picture for high school graduations outline where you would like to put it. Have a few different designs and narrow them down to one or two choices.

2) Design your invitation using computer software like Photoshop or Microsoft word. These programs let you use different colors and font for words. You can even import pictures and designs that you want to use. Make a nice layout and add your graphics in your liking. Make a few different versions and compare them in order to pick the best design.

3) Print out a test invitation and see how the colors, words, and images look. Adjust it if necessary. Keep in mind that printer colors for your computer might look different then those at a photo printing booth. Make sure that the font is readable and clear. Make sure that the images are clear and not blurry or pixilated.

4) Save your design on a flash drive or disk. Bring it with you to the nearest photo center and order as many copies as you need. Choose the glossy finish or the matte finish (based on which ever you think would be better). Make sure to bring enough money with you because most places require you to pay upfront before your order is processed.

5) Pick up you invitations and make sure that they are exactly what you wanted. Put them in envelopes and mail them or give them to everyone you want to invite and make sure to keep an extra invitation to add to your personal portfolio.If you want to buy essay then click on link.